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2m Stainless steel,Special Packed Column



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Special Packed Column

Product name Specification Price(RMB) Adhibition
Special analytical column for pesticide residues 2m glass 3000 Organochlorine, organophosphorus pesticide residues
Special analytical column for liquefied gas 8m stainless steel 8400 C1-C5 alkanes and olefin isomers
Special analytical column for residual solvents(USP method) 2m stainless steel 2400 Residual organic solvents

of medicine

White Liquor Analytical Column 2m stainless steel 2400 Methanol, mixed alcohols, the total ester of Liquor
Special analytical column for preservative 2m glass 3000 Sorbic acid, benzoic acid
High-performance SA molecular sieve 2m stainless steel 2400 O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2 separation
High-performance carbon molecular sieve 2m stainless steel 2400 H2,O2,N2,CH4,CO,CO2 separation
Molecular sieve guard column 0.2m stainless steel 600 Extend the life of molecular sieve column

Note: Any special need please contact with us,all of these can be customized.

Please give clear indication when you need the packed column:model of chromatograph,type of the packed column,stationary phase name and matching,supporter type and mesh,inner diameter and length of packed column,what sample is willing to be analysised.


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