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ML-BH-308 Personal Dosimeter

Parameter: Detecting radiation: γ-ray and X-ray Measuring range:dose equivalent: 00.01usv~99.99 msv; dose equivalent rate: 00.01usv/h~01.00 msv/h relative err..



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ML-BH-308 Personal Dosimeter

ML-BH-308 personal dosimeter an intelligent instrument adopting new type singlechip is mainly used for monitoring dose equivalent rate and dose equivalent of X ray and γray on human body.It can set threshold and super threshold alarm.The main technical parameter meets the national standard and international standard,is widely used in these areas of radiation station, custom, industrial nondestructive inspection, nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, isotope application and medical cobalt treat.

Main Technical Parameter:

Detecting radiation: γ-ray and X-ray

Measuring range:

dose equivalent: 00.01usv~99.99 msv;

dose equivalent rate: 00.01usv/h~01.00 msv/h

relative error: <±20%(00.01usv/h~01.00 msv/h)

energy response: <±30%(50KeV~1.3MeV)

dimensions: 118mm×65mm×25mm

weight: <100g

alarm threshold value:adjustable


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