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ML-FJ-373 Portable Radiacmeter

Parameter: measurement range:range of neutron fluence rate:0~105cm-2s-1 range of γdose rate:0~30mGy/h dimensions:190×120×145(mm) weight:about 4kg。



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ML-FJ-373 Portable Radiacmeter


Application and characteristic:

ML-FJ-373 portable radiacmeter is used in dose protection for measuring neutron fluence rate and γdose rate of nuclear reactor, nuclear power station and other places of isotopes application.It is easy to use,no need to change probe when you measure n、γrays.Low low power consumption circuit(≤400mW). Rechargeable batteries provide power can continuously work for above 24h.Digital dissimplified circuit design,easy to operate,stable performance and easy to carry

Main Technical Parameter:

measurement range:range of neutron fluence rate:0~10cm

     range of γdose rate:0~30mGy/h

measurement error in normal environmental condition:

A、measurement error of neutron fluence rate≤±15%(excluding the error caused by energy chang)。

B、measurement error of γdose rate≤±20%(γdose rate≤10mGy/h);

measurement error≤±50%(10mGy/h<γdose rate≤30mGy/h)。

Measuring neutron at the mixing field of the n-γ,γfield≤10mGy/h,

additive error≤±15%(to neutron fluence rate110cm)。

It can work normally when the temperature is 0℃~45℃,additive error≤±20%。

It can work normally when the relative humidity≤85%(30℃)

additive error≤±15%。

environmental conditions

environmental temperature:0℃~45℃

relative humidity:≤85%(30℃±2℃))

power supply:5 1.2V AA/Ni-H rechargeable batteries,power dissipation≤400mW。

Dimensions and weight


weight:about 4kg。


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