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ML-FJ-G2 X-γPersonal Dosimeter

Parameter: ● detector: GM counter tube (energy balance).● display:1.8” LCD color screen,full screening personal dose rate, the cumulative dose, real-time clock, ..



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ML-FJ-G2 X-γPersonal Dosimeter


Application and characteristic:

X-γpersonal dosimeter an pocket intelligent multifunctional instrument adopting new type single chip is mainly used for monitoring X ray and γray. 1.8”LCD color screen full screening personal dose rate, the cumulative dose, real-time clock, measuring time and alarm threshold and automatic sound-light alarm.The power supply is environmental lithium battery continuously providing power. The main technical parameter meets the national standard and international standard,is widely used in these areas of radiation station, custom, industrial nondestructive inspection, accelerator,nuclear power station, nuclear submarine, radioactive medical treatment,isotope application,medical cobalt treat and monitoring environment around nuclear facilities.

  • high sensitivity,response to environment backgroundly
  • continuouslyadjustable alert threshold
  • Allmeasurement informationis displayed one time on the colour screen
  • Low power dissipation,small volume,easy to carry
  • Intelligently checkchoke
  • withUSB interface,can be used as USB flash disk
  • Additional MP3 / 4 playing and photo browsing

Main Technical Parameter:

  • detector: GM counter tube (energy balance).
  • display:1.8” LCD color screen,full screening personal dose rate, the cumulative dose, real-time clock, measuring time and alarm threshold
  • measurement range:cumulative dose equivalent:Hp(10)0.1μSv~9999mSv

            dose equivalent rate:Hp(10)0.1μSv/h~99.99mSv/h。

  • measurement time:automatically transform or set between 3600seconds and 1 second
  • Dose equivalent rate response:≤±20%(1μSv/h~99.99 mSv/h)。
  • energy response:≤±30%(50KeV~1.3MeV)。
  • relative error:≤±20%(137Cs)
  • alarm:can set alarm threshold of dose rate and accumulated dose in the measurement rangetype of alarm:

a:dose equivalent rate:the trumpet pealing when it is more than the setting value。

b:accumulated dose:the trumpet pealing and the display flickering when it is more than the setting threshold value

  • battery:real-time electric quantity displaying。
  • power dissipation: 600mAh rechargeable li-ion battery,no need to change batteriesfrequently, environmental protection, practical,general USBconnecting line charge,can continously works for above 30 hours
  • temperature:0℃~+50℃。
  • weight:≤50g


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